January 23, 2014

Men's Jewelry Moodboard

We have had some requests from our male friends to make more jewelry for them as well, instead of just their girlfriends. Of course, we have made some men's jewelry before (like our leather Dead Or Alive bracelets, our Squaretacular Bloodstone, and Rocking Charms), but now, we wanted to dedicate ourselves completely to the task of designing an entire collection of men's jewelry!
The obvious thing for us to do, would be to make the same items we made for our female customers, only darker and sturdier, but we think our boys deserve more than just these cliché pieces. We always try to create from a natural angle, using as many pure materials as possible, and trying to capture the colours and textures of nature, while combining them with emotions and symbolism. And who says men can't wear this type of jewelry instead of just black leather and skulls? In order to assemble our ideas, we created the moodboard you can see below. Of course, this is just a little taste of what we have in mind, but since we've already started working on the new pieces, we can assure you it will look great!

Lisa & Ivanna

PS: What kind of jewelry do you like for men?

Photos by us, the Hemp Beadery, Allthedumbthings, and Sayila

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