January 24, 2014

Fridays Fabulous Photos - Girls just wanna have fun

Because making jewelry takes a lot of concentration sometimes, we have to alternate periods of ultimate concentration with relaxing breaks. In these breaks we usually do stuff to clear our minds, like making coffee while talking about all the stuff that has been happening in our lives, taking a walk to the shopping centre or cooking nice things. We also like to discover new places around town, so we planned to have more meetings outdoors in small caf├ęs, as you may be able to see on our blog in the near future!
Apart from our 'Spring to Fall meetings', we regularly meet to go out and have fun. We both like to visit concerts, shop for clothes, go to the movies and eat in nice restaurants. 

Usually when we have been working on our jewelry for too long, and our focus is starting to fade, we get into a churting mood. This is when we start to find everything funny and we know it's time to stop our work. Then we decide to surrender to the feeling that we want to leave everything for what it is and completely get into the fun mode.

What do you do when you want to set your mind off your work for a while?

Lisa and Ivanna

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