April 30, 2015

Kingsday Freemarket Sale 2015

We have been pretty absent again recently, but this time we had a very valid reason: Kingsday preparations!

Just like the previous three years, we were present at the free market in our hometown to sell our jewelry (and pretty much half of Lisa's wardrobe). We expected a cold, rainy day, but it actually turned out to be a wonderfully sunny!

We woke up at 5 to get ready for our big move - getting a full clothes rack, a table, three chairs, and about four heavy bags of jewelry and related materials to the free market area - and to find a proper spot for us to settle. We found the perfect spot, exactly where we had our stand three years ago! After setting up, we covered ourselves in cardigans and shawls, waiting for coffee, and bracing ourselves for the coming cold and rain. We're not exactly morning people to begin with, so at events like these we always have some difficulty starting up.

But then the sun came up, and the sky was blue. Two adorable kids sold us coffee from a wheelbarrow. Lisa's boyfriend got us some breakfast, and Ivanna got us cotton candy.

And that's when the day really started to become fun! We always love having face-to-face contact with our customers, so we love market sales like this. The coming and going of family and friends is also a lot of fun, and the general vibe in the town is always great on days like these.

It's totally worth the hard labour and short nights ;) We'll be back next year!

Lisa & Ivanna


  1. Wauw, dat is vast veeeeeel werk geweest!

    1. Haha ja dat was het ook wel :p Maar dit is wat we eigenlijk constant doen voor de webwinkel èn we vinden het gelukkig heel leuk om te doen ;)