January 10, 2013

China Light

This weekend I went to China Light with my boyfriend. China Light is a light festival in Rotterdam built up by 40 Chinese artists. From the moment it starts to get dark you can walk through the Euromast Park that has been transformed into a fairytale world with different lightened and brightly colored objects of Chinese tales. You can also watch several acrobatic, dance and music performances in the style of the Chinese culture at different times in the evening. There was also a great lasershow, which I found very impressive.

The history of this Chinese tradition is not completely clear. It is said that the light festival has been celebrated for centuries on the 15th of the first Chinese month, while lanterns and lampions are lit to pray for a good harvest and to propitiate the god of heaven. Now this festival has been brought to Rotterdam so many people can enjoy this unique experience.

I especially liked the giant Chinese dragon that was placed in the middle of a small lake and reflected on the water. There was also a path with bows, which showed cheerful images of Asian monkeys. When you walked this path, it felt like walking through a tunnel of light and it looked beautiful in contrast to the dark blue sky. Overall, I enjoyed this evening, it was really something different and it´s nice to get a piece of another culture.


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  1. Wat een prachtige foto's! Dit komt zeker op mijn to-do lijst :)