September 26, 2012


For our jewelry shop, we have many supplies. Not only do we have a lot of different beads and charms, but also tools, cards, envelopes, bubble wrap and of course the finished bracelets. It is difficult to store all of this in one place; we have tried different chests, containers and boxes, but non of them were quite suitable. Fortunately, Lisa still had a wooden Ikea cabinet 
and after a little redecoration, it turned out to be the perfect storage for all our stuff. In this way, everything is well organized, easy to find and stays dust-free.
On the pictures below you can see our new cabinet and how we organised our stuff.

The top left drawer contains the cards and glassine envelopes in which we send the items. The middle top drawer holds the tools and the left middle drawer contains bubble wrap, zip lock bags and envelopes. The right top drawer is still empty, but will probably serve to keep our business cards, once we have those!

In the right middle drawer we keep our finished jewelry secured in zip lock bags (we don't want anything to happen to them!). The bottom drawer holds all our actual materials for the jewelry.

We actually have some room left, en since we have some marvelous new ideas as well, it might be time to order some new supplies!

Lisa & Ivanna


  1. Leuk kastje,

    ik volg jullie nu,


  2. Dat ziet er handig uit! Mijn huis is nu al te klein geworden voor al mijn materialen, heb alles nu in plastic kralenbakjes (die ik ook in één van jullie laatjes zie), maar die wil ik liever allemaal uit het zicht hebben...

  3. Those drawers are so cute! I love the print on them!!
    xo Heather